Peak Performance Testimonials

I just wanted to send along a quick note expressing to you how important and instrumental the NovoTHOR has been to the Nike Oregon Project’s success this past summer. We came away with three Gold Medals and one Bronze Medal down in Rio. We had our NovoTHOR with us in training camp in Utah and we even used it in Rio, as we believe it’s a tremendous tool for our team’s recovery.” Alberto Salazar, The Nike Oregon Project

Every training session I have had since starting novothor I have had more energy and matched or beat my current personal records. I’ve done NovoTHOR 2-3 times a week in the afternoons before my training. As a result, I have had absolutely phenomenal training sessions. Every training session I have been hitting a Personal Record (PR) in some lift or exercise over the past few weeks. I feel like it is not only helping my body recover quicker from previous training sessions and fatigue levels, but it also seems to be giving me more energy to tackle my 2-4 hour training sessions. I truly believe that NovoTHOR is giving me a competitive edges as an athlete because I am able to push my limits further in training.

Sumo Deadlift triple: 127kg PR (up 5 kg from previous week)
Snatch Deadlift 5 rep: 91kg PR (up 2 kg from previous week)
Push Press + Push Jerk + Split Jerk Complex: 75kg (up 2kg from previous week)
Snatch triples from the blocks 59kg (up 2 kg from previous week)
Clean & Jerk Doubles 83kg PR (the most working weight I've ever done)
Power Clean & Jerk 83kg PR (the most working weight I've ever done)
Muscle Snatch Triple off a riser: 42kg PR (up 5 kg from previous week)
Front squat/back squat combo 91kg PR (up 3 kg from previous week)

THEN I went on to do several reps of cleans and hit a 95kg Clean PR (9 kilos more than I did last week - the heaviest clean I hit last week was 86 kg. This was halfway through my work out after doing a total of 117 reps. In Weightlifting, a lot of volume can make your body feel tired & wrecked, so there was no explanation for why I was able to hit a PR on this exercise when my legs were fried.

Since starting novothor I notice my athletic conditioning excelling on a daily basis and recovery time between workout sets to be decreasing.
After my fourth session of NovoTHOR I noticed a change in my athletic conditioning. I found myself not getting as winded as fast during anaerobic workouts and my recovery time between sets of workouts was improved. On the days I feel sluggish, I notice I still performed to my normal 'pre-NovoTHOR' conditioning capacity where before this I would have potentially skipped training or just taken a light day. NovoTHOR has given me the capacity to push just a little harder in my training, recover just a little faster and train just a little longer which at the end of the day puts me miles ahead of my competition.”

  • 20 minutes to complete as many rounds as possible of
  • 25-ft. overhead walking lunge
  • 8 burpees
  • 25-ft. overhead walking lunge
  • 8 chest-to-bar pull-ups

Chase and I both did it on Friday and got the “first try” times.

First try at the workout Two days later after NovoThor that morning
Chase Ingraham 10:49 9:53
Mary Lou Womack 12:44 11:42

Then over the weekend and Monday did NovoTHOR and got MUCH MUCH better times! We both shaved over 1:00 off of our time which many people were not doing!

Sports Injury Testimonials

I have had chronic pain in my foot that nothing seems to fix. After a few NovoTHOR sessions I am able to play soccer without the pain.

My hamstring has been hurting after longer runs, after NovoTHOR use it doesn’t bother me and I have more energy.

Everyday Life Testimonials

The last 20 years I have suffered moderate to severe pain in my neck, shoulders and hips due to the stress of my profession. I have tried massage, chiropractic, energy therapy, physiotherapy, anti-inflammatories, and you name it to get me out of pain and it’s cost me 1000’s of dollars.

After a few sessions on the NovoTHOR I started to feel relief. I had 14 sessions in all and have considerable relief from all my symptoms. My wife asked me the other day how I was feeling as she had not heard me complain or moan when I rolled over in my sleep or groan when I get out of bed. I estimate a 70% improvement and have booked 4 more weeks to continue on this wonderful journey to health.

I also rode 70 miles in a recent bike festival and felt great. A side benefit is that I had a dry, itchy spot in my ear for which I have tried various creams to keep the itch away. The itchiness and dryness has improved and I no longer require creams, or much less think about it. And now wife says I’m looking younger too!”

“For most of my adult life I have suffered with moderate to severe back pain. It progressively got worse during and after being my deceased wife’s caregiver, while still operating my businesses which do require a lot of physical activities. At times, my left gluteus maximus and sciatic nerve will erupt just walking 100 feet from my house to the mailbox. The pain travels from there through my left quadriceps and down through my left calf and into my left foot erupting again in my Plantar Fascia. I have purchased six pair of shoes in the last seven months trying to get something that would possibly give me some comfort and reduce my pain level from a 8 or 9 down to a somewhat manageable level.

I’ve been to a Podiatrist three times and the results on him attempting to give me relief have not worked.

In 2011 I had passed out from severe pain due to pinched nerves at the L3 – L4 area. I had a fusion on the left side and a lot my pain went away. In 2012 I had the same procedure done on the right side of L3 – L4 and again a lot of the pain abated. In 2013 that area of my back seemed to explode causing me to again pass out. I now have a titanium plate fusing those two vertebrae but the pain is still at a very high level.

I was told I will need another fusion at the L4 – L5 and possibly at the L5 – S1 area and that I will be down for 12 weeks. I still have businesses that require my daily physical attention so is not really an option. The only thing I have been able to do since this news is to daily take multiple pain and antispasm pills, Aleve and use cold and heat packs. I have also been getting deep tissue massage and chiropractic care. With all of that my physical discomfort is maxed out while standing, sitting or even trying to sleep.

I had heard about and read up on LLLT and found The Rays of Hope Rejuvenation Center in Lady Lake. I set an appointment for the 4 hour drive which knew was going to require multiple stops to stretch and whine about my pain. I do not like to take the meds when I am driving so there were multiple whining stops over the four hours. I met Valerie at Rays of Hope Rejuvenation Center and she explained to me what she positively believed would help me. I am an eternal optimist and her words told me that “this was it!” Of course I had thought that with three surgeries, multiple injections, too many drugs to count and list goes on.

I got into the NovoTHOR Light Pod which Valerie had set for a 12 minute session. I was comfortable in this unit and my thought was simply that it was bright and warm. When I finished there was now out of this world feeling like a 20 year old. Valerie and I then sat for another three hours talking about this unit as a business. Finishing that I started another four hour road trip home. At that point I started realizing something had happened to make me feel like a 20 year old!

It was five days later before I had any of the original pains and I took one anti spasm pill. From there all that I noticed was no drugs, no stops to stretch and very good sleep. It was a total of nine days before the intense pain came back and that was probably due to a plane ride to Washington to meet Valerie at a training seminar. Fortunately Valerie had a desk top Low Level Laser Therapy unit and performed a miracle 12 minute treatment on my lumbar and sciatic nerve area. I could feel the pain decrease in stages from my gluteus maximus to my quadriceps and finally into my left foot where the Plantar Fascia released.

I have been involved in the medical industry for 23 years in one form or another dealing with the infirmed, the limbless, the blind and the dying. I will say without hesitation the NovoTHOR LLLT is the future of medicine!”

I have a discernable decrease in muscle pain the following mornings when getting out of bed.

“I was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer in August 2015. My treatment plan was chemotherapy, double mastectomy and radiation therapy. Valerie is a friend from church who began discussing light therapy with me after I finished my chemotherapy treatments, before I had surgery. Valerie explained to me all the research that had been done and how light therapy has benefited many people.

I was very open minded about trying the treatment, so Valerie recommended visiting with my oncologist. I visited with my radiation oncologist, and he gave me permission to do the light therapy.

I did my first session prior to surgery, based on Valerie’s suggestion, to promote quicker healing. At first, prior to the surgery, I really couldn’t tell much difference. After surgery however, my surgeon was surprised at how quickly I was healing. I attribute this to the light therapy I had received prior to the surgery.

Another thing I noticed that made a huge physical difference as a result of doing the light treatments was that after surgery I could feel the fluid building up in my lymph node area. Immediately after a light therapy treatment, the fluid was gone! That’s when I realized the biggest difference the light therapy made.

I will definitely continue with light therapy until I am completely healed.”