Do you remember the 1960’s episode of StarTrek when Commander Riker was instantly healed with a magic light of the future?


Well the future is here and now is the time to profit from the first Photobiomodulation (PMB) Whole Body Light Therapy system by Novothor! Your clients will purchase packages of 8-15 minute sessions depending on their condition. And many people with long-term chronic conditions can take as many as 12 sessions to get significant benefits, then weekly or bi-weekly sessions to maintain benefits. With nationwide single session prices ranging from $20- $70 and costing you only pennies to operate, see generous Income Projections below. The best thing is any business can offer the Novothor and you don’t have to be a licensed MD, DC, DO, etc…, it’s as easy as turning on a light switch!

Weekly profit

4 Sessions/Day
(28 per Week)
6 Sessions/Day
(42 per Week)
10 Sessions/Day
(70 per Week)/th>
Rate per Session Revenue per Week Revenue per Week Revenue per Week
$35 $980 $1,470 $2,450
$55 $1,540 $2,310 $3,850
$75 $2,100 $3,150 $5,250

Business Owners Testimonial

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I have had my NovoTHOR for nearly 3 months and have generated in excess of $12,000 with approximately 400 paid sessions. Considering this included 3 major holidays in the 4th quarter, I couldn't be happier. The feedback from my clients has been impressive, and in some cases life changing. Many of my clients are referrals from happy customers. It's so rewarding to be able to bring such a valuable service, and already be profitable."

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"We currently have 3 THOR LX2 spot therapy units and 2 NovoTHOR pods, and we are taking pain management and systemic treatments to the next level.

In only 8 months of operation our customer base has risen to just over 600 patients, with 80% being referral service, and 20% being from our radio advertisements.

Unlike most of the light therapy companies in the world, no one actually understands the dosage and power requirements as well as James Carroll and his crew at THOR."

Josh Crawford
Genoa Laser Therapy

Financing Options

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We have many financing programs for Licensed Medical Professionals, Non-Medical Professionals and New Start ups. With terms up to 7 years payments can be as low as $59 per day. Please complete our online Lease Application and let us see what kind of terms we can get for you.

Tax Break-Write Off 100% First Year

Whether Purchased or Financed, take Advantage of IRS Section 179 Designed to help small businesses, the accelerated deduction under IRS Section 179 allows for immediate depreciation of qualifying business equipment, so you can write off the entire purchase for the year you buy it, rather than depreciating it over five years under the traditional (MACRS). You new equipment must be in use by December 31, 2017

Cost of Equipment $120,000, Section 179 First Year Write-Off $120,000, Tax Savings on Equipment Purchase (Assuming a 35% Tax Bracket) $42,000, Lowered Cost of Equipment after Tax Savings $78,000.

Credit & equipment restrictions apply. This program does not assume your company will qualify to take advantage of the IRS Section 179 depreciation schedule which allows rapid first year depreciation of certain assets acquired. The amount of previous depreciation your company may have used may affect your ability to utilize the elections. Please consult your tax adviser or accountant for additional information. Equipment must be purchased and placed in service by 12/31/17.

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